The Cover Band About the band.

The Cover Band is a group of seasoned and young-spirited musicians with many years of musical experience. The well-rehearsed group of accomplished professionals is showcased by extraordinary male and female lead vocals, solid "groove" bass and percussion. One blazing guitar is enough to fill the room with the compliments of Tom on the keyboards! We play a wide range of music, appealing to all ages and venues. Our high-energy shows are rounded out with professional sound equipment (capable of 12,000 Watts) that can cover any size event from intimate venues or small clubs to grand ballrooms and outdoor concerts.

Our act is well refined and have the capabilities to pull emcee duties for weddings, live acoustic dinner music, after-party karaoke and more. We are extremely professional and work with you to plan all of the details of your event to make sure it is exactly how you envision it. We are also open to learning special songs that you just have to hear.

Here are a few of the artists you can expect to hear at the next Cover Band show: Journey, Lady Gaga, Joan Jett, Adele, Earth Wind and Fire, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, The Temptations, The Black Eyed Peas, KC and The Sunshine Band, Blondie, CCR, Beatles, Maroon 5, No Doubt and so much more.

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Our Line up 6 diverse musicians

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Singer The Cover Band

Lisa | Vocals

Lisa is not your typical band singer. Her talent is raw and true which is showcased in all of her performances. As compared to other female vocals, she does not try to over-sing songs and performs effortlessly. She took over vocals after filling in for their regular singer in the Midnight Special Band. She was discovered by Frank at Frank's Place Sunday night Karaoke. He though that the DJ was playing the original until he looked up and saw that it was Lisa singing. He approached her and asked if she would be interested in singing with his band. She agreed and the rest is history. She also sings in East of Seattle, an acoustic 90s alternative cover band, with Wattage sharing vocals and playing guitar. GEAR: Sennheiser Microphones.

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The Cover Band Bassist

Tom Lees | Bass, Backing Vocals, Sound & Lighting

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The Cover Band Singer

"Wattage" | Vocals, Guitar

Having first picked up a guitar at the age of 5, inspired by his Father, Grandfather and the music of the 50s and 60s, Wattage has always been involved with music, having been surrounded by music on both sides of his family. His first live performance with an original band was at the age of 10. Since then, he has been in both original and cover bands, mostly on vocals, but also on guitar, drums and bass. He focuses on professionalism at shows and making sure that the band puts on a good show, paying particular attention to the sound and dynamics of the band. He is also the other half of East of Seattle with Lisa, an acoustic duo that plays alternative 90s grunge. His favorite thing about the cover band is having the chance to make someone's night fun and memorable. GEAR: Sennheiser, Telefunken & Shure Microphones; Tru, Gretsch, Martin, Maton & Danelectro, Epiphone, Martin & Tanglewood Guitars; Vox, Blackstar& Bugera Amps, JBL, Mackie, Turbosound, Yorkville, QSC Speakers & X32, XAIR & Mackie Consoles.

The Cover Band Drummer

Freddy | Drums / Backing Vocals

FREDDY SICKELS is a self-taught drummer and vocalist. He found his passion for music by watching his mom Emma play lead guitar and sing in his uncle's country band. As a teenager, Freddy joined the Barberton marching band as a drummer and competed in drum corp competitions. In 1973, he achieved 3rd place in the world championship solo competition.

Afterwards, Freddy started performing with his mom at small venues as a two-piece band. This experience led him to play in several successful bands, performing five nights a week throughout high school and beyond. One of his most cherished memories was playing bass and drums alongside his son, Matt Sickels, and drummer Fred in their family band "The Sickels Boys."

Freddy takes pride in playing parts exactly as they are recorded. His playing style includes a powerful foot to create a thunderous boom, while maintaining a steady backbeat to keep everyone dancing. He has collaborated with numerous local bands including "Class Act," "Nostalgic Gold," "Laflavour," "45 RPM," and most recently "Invincible (A Tribute to Pat Benetar)." Being a fan of The Cover Band for a long time, Freddy is thrilled to finally be a member of the band.

Freddy's equipment consists of a 6-piece DW collectors kit in broken glass, Zildjian A Custom cymbals, and a Roland SPD-SX sample pad.


The Cover Band Guitarist

Rick, Guitar, Backing Vocals

For the last 20 years, Rick has played in American Steal and Midnite Special until forming The Cover Band with Frank. He has a bachelors of Science from the Ohio State University and has been playing guitar for over 40 years. He takes on the role of the sole guitarist with a Fender and Gibson guitars through Marshall, Sun and Fender amps. Rick likes the diversity of the music that we play and energizing the music to get people up and dancing and having a good time.

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The Cover Band Keyboardist

Tom | Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Tom is a veteran keyboardist/vocalist who has played with variety and dance music groups in Ohio as well as touring with national show bands, performing in Vegas and casino and resort circuits in the Midwest and Gulf Coast. Most notably, he has toured with The Fortunes. His current setup is a Korg Krome and Roland FA-06 synth/workstations as well as MIDI controlled virtual instrument software. His favorite thing about being in TCN is playing with versatile, dedicated musicians who know the right balance of music to provide the best experience for the people we play for. (He also likes ending sentences with propositions).

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